I am a sociologist, working mainly on evaluation processes, often in the field of music. I am American, but my post-graduate education was in France and Germany, and I currently reside in Germany. My PhD (2016, EHESS, Paris, France) looked at peer review in the field of contemporary art music in France and the United States. This research was conducted while I was a member of the Center for Research on Arts and Language (CRAL-EHESS) and the research team “Analysis of Musical Practices” at the IRCAM. I use primarily qualitative methods, with a penchant for interviews. Many of my publications are in French, but an excerpt of my dissertation has been published in English in the journal Poetics – more details can be found in the publications tab. I published a book based on my dissertation in 2023 (Juger le singulier, Symétrie, in French). As a postdoc, I have worked as a DAAD postdoctoral researcher (University of Hannover, 2016-2017), and with the Labex CAP (IRCAM/Pompidou Center, 2018), in addition to a research and teaching position at the New School for Social Research (2019-2020). Other research projects have dealt with sound art, social media, and the economics of art worlds. I am currently the Executive Director of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE).